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For the first time in Switzerland. Experience an ecstatic and conscious dance journey into the depths of your being with Mose! We start with the cacao ceremony and a surprise musician as an opening.

Welcome to the transformative realm of Cacao Dance! As you step onto the dance floor, embrace the intentional container that encourages silence, creating a sacred space for a deep and immersive journey. The ceremony preceding the dance is led by the beautiful Bruna Bortolato alongside Mose, invoking intention, gratitude, and prayer. This ceremonial prelude lays the groundwork for a profound and spiritually charged dance experience.

Cacao Dance is more than just movement; it’s a conscious exploration to connect with oneself and community. The dance unfolds with a deliberate arc, starting slow and spacious, allowing participants to attune to the music and let their bodies intuitively guide their movements. The overarching goal is to transcend the mental chatter, diving deep into the heart, embodying the emotions alive in the present moment. The dance reaches a climactic peak, pulsating with full-power energy before gracefully winding down to a slower, softer pace for integration.

This alcohol-free container draws inspiration from ancient shamanic practices of entering trance, offering a space for profound insight and personal evolution. The intention is clear: to foster a connection with oneself, community, nature, and spirit in support of the greater collective evolution. As you immerse yourself in the rhythms and energies of Cacao Dance, anticipate not only a dance but a transformative experience, leaving you with insights to integrate into your life’s journey.

Beyond the multicultural rhythms and the steady hypnotic beat, Mose weaves ephemeral chanting of sacred songs and calls to love, kindness and compassion, often bringing in live musicians to create something improvisational connected with that particular place and time. He creates with the intention to set a foundation for self discovery and the cultivation of a present minded state which offers new insights and deeper clarity in ones purpose.

Mose is based in Guatemala on the beautiful volcanic crater lake of Atitlán where cacao ceremonies, kirtan, and ecstatic dance have had a major influence on his productions and DJ style. It is here that he founded regular cacao dances where members of the community have the opportunity to journey deep into dance while held in a ceremonial container, free of alcohol.

When he is not touring the world or playing these special events in Guatemala, he spends his time going into extended periods of retreat and silence, only to emerge with a deeper, truer and more refined sound. He also supports other emerging artists through his record label Resueño with an intention to bring resonant souls together to create music that uplifts and inspires. The label transcends any particular cultural aesthetic and explores a universal vibration through weaving sounds and languages from around the world. It is also a vehicle for social causes as 50% of all label profits are donated to causes around the shores of Lake Atitlán to support members of the community most in need.


17:30, Genève, Salle communale de Plainpalais
Tickets Available

European Tour

start: 17:30 / doors open: 17:00

Rue de Carouge 52, 1205 Genève

www.seetickets.ch, Coop City
CHF 78.00 (including cocoa)

Student/unemployed price CHF 55

Only order tickets from the official sales agencies: www.seetickets.ch / Coop City
ATTENTION: viagogo.ch is a Black Marketeer and sells its tickets at very inflated prices!

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