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Dirk Maassen

Dirk Maassen is one of the most successful German neoclassical composers. He is internationally acclaimed for his moving, gentle and stylistically unique soundscapes. He is also one of the most streamed German pianists worldwide – over a million people stream his music on various platforms every month. Dirk Maassen also wows his audiences live every time.

His fans are happy to travel over 1,000 kilometres to see him live. With unique feeling and ingenious timing, he performs his works, which magically reach the subconscious and open doors that previously remained undiscovered. Experience perhaps the most moving pianist of Germany live, playing a moving selection of his more than 200 compositions full of passion.

“The music of Dirk Maassen is carried by the artist, who not only composes great pieces of music but also plays with his whole soul. Absolutely recommendable …”

“I never thought it was possible to immerse myself in music like this, my world has been given a new space and has become a little more colourful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

“The wonderful compositions in combination with the authentic, likeable and modest performance of the artist give the audience the feeling of being a guest at an intimate private concert. This is not only unrivalled in neoclassical music”

“A thoroughly successful evening, with sensitively penetrating piano music that makes the hours of the evening seem like minutes. Thank you very much!”


19:30, Neumünster Zürich
Tickets Available


Concert 19:30 / doors open at 18:30

Neumünsterstrasse 10, Zurich

Tickets online at www.seetickets.ch and at Coop City
4 Cat. CHF 45-65

Children 7-16 years 50%
Kulturlegi 30%

Please only purchase tickets at the official advance booking offices:
www.seetickets.ch / Coop City

ATTENTION: viagogo is a black marketeer and sells the tickets at highly inflated prices!

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