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In such a war-torn world, can we stand together in a celebration of life, despite the tragedies that the human race has brought upon itself?

Is there still a space where we can gather with kindred spirits for joyful expression?

That’s exactly what you’ll find at Deva & Miten’s gatherings.

Committed to the power of mantra, the ancient science of healing-with-sound, Deva & Miten travel the planet to bring light into a darkened world.

For thirty years, Deva and Miten have been with us, in our sacred moments, with their pristine expression of the gentle power of mantra, accompanying thousands in times of great elation as well as the depths of our deepest despair…like a gentle balm for the soul, their music gives us a reason to move forward into life, with an open heart and with a deep sense of hopefulness.

More than ever before, we need to come together to raise our voices – not in protest, but in collective and harmonious chant.

Experience the power that sustains and empowers us to rise above the struggle

Come and join the gathering with Deva Premal and Miten and their musicians – The Temple Band – on Saturday, 28 September 2024 in Zurich.

19:30, The Hall Zürich
Tickets Available

Singing Our Prayers 2024

concert 19.30 / door 18.30

Hoffnigstrasse 1, Dübendorf (gleich neben dem Bahnhof Stettbach)

Please note the admission regulations of The Hall. Most important: no bags larger than A4, no drinks/food, complete list on www.thehall.ch

Tickets at www.seetickets.ch / CoopCity
4 Cat CHF 50-92.70

Childern: till 6 years for free
7-16 Jahre 50%
Kulturlegi 30%

Please only purchase tickets at the official advance booking offices: www.seetickets.ch / www.ticketmaster.ch / Coop City.
ATTENTION: viagogo.ch is a black marketer and sells tickets at highly inflated prices!


“Return travel by tran, bus and S-Bahn in all ZVV zones (2nd class) is included in the admission ticket.”

If you are travelling by public transport from outside the ZVV fare network, you only need to pay as far as the first stop in the ZVV fare network. Please make sure that the chosen connection stops at this point. You will find the fare network plan here.

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